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As the world’s top dairy provider from New Zealand, DailyLac produces 100% natural of high-quality milk with essential components of nutrients for individuals at all stages of life to keep families strong and healthy.

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Delivering the goodness of 100% New Zealand milk to families is DailyLac’s utmost responsibility. From fresh milk to full cream milk powder, Dailylac is produced under a stringent manufacturing process to ensure that the freshness of our milk is maintained from the farm to the factory as well as 100% natural with no added preservatives for you and your family.

Strong start of 100%
pure nourishment for you
and your family

  • Natural Source of Calcium
  • High source of Protein
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin A

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  • DAILYLAC Inst. Full Cream 600g

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  • SUNLAC Inst. Skim Milk 20g x 15sachets

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  • SUNLAC Inst. Skim Milk 300g

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  • SUNLAC Inst. Skim Milk 700g

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Cook for your family at home with the secret ingredient of DAILYLAC’s Full Cream Milk, making your recipes flavourful.

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